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Introducing The Heart of Teaching

Aligning body, mind and heart through yoga and in schools to inspire a more compassionate world.

Since last April, when I passed the yoga studio that I started 8 years ago, Yellow Tree Yoga, into new hands, I’ve been following my body, mind, and heart toward something growing all around me. My past 20 years of practicing and teaching yoga have confirmed one sure thing- the important thing in sharing anything with others is doing so from the heart. Connecting intention with knowledge and experience so that what you share lives within. From this cornerstone, The Heart of Teaching was born.

Here you’ll find classes, training, and inspiration for both teachers of yoga AND educators in schools. It’s a lovely union of the passions that I hold so dearly. A continued work in progress, my new site serves as a launchpad and landing place for offerings and inspiration. Please check back as I will continue to update events and content.

Introducing …

The Heart of Teaching—body, mind, heart

Through my yoga offerings, I live in this intention by offering classes, workshops and training for teachers, educators and yoga practitioners to continue to grow in their own process and experience and live from a place of whole-hearted well-being. Please share my email and website with anyone who might be interested in what I'm offering.

Here is a brief overview:

Yoga Instruction and Training

  • Yoga classes locally and in locations both public and private.

  • Specialized Classes- for practicing styles and theories in a programmed format.

  • Yoga Workshops for understanding the wisdom and your experience of yoga at a deeper level than what can be covered in open class.

  • Personal mentorship for students and teachers of yoga who have a deep interest in personal growth and intuitive guidance

  • Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training and CEU programs for anyone interested in a comprehensive program exceeding Yoga Alliance Standards with a curriculum designed for both personal growth and professional certification.

School Based Programs

  • Educator Self Care-on site movement and mindfulness classes for educator well-being.

  • Student well-being-on site breath, movement and mindfulness classes to introduce the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to students.

Professional Development for Schools

  • Zensationalkids - Training in schools to bring breath, movement and mindfulness into the classroom. We are expanding to the Midwest; Please share with educators and schools that you know!

I'd love your feedback about the site and the content! Let me know what you think here .

And be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you'd like to hear from me once in a while.

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