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Live/Love Yoga BASIC Immersion

Workshops to live and love yoga!

  • Starts Aug 24
  • 250 US dollars
  • 110 Ash Street

Available spots

Service Description

Dynamic Anatomy and Yoga Series August 24: Breath and Spine Dynamic Breathing: Discovering and developing healthy breathing habits and the modern science of respiration. We'll focus on respiratory and circulatory systems and everyday habits that restrain and inhibit healthy breathing. We'll discuss essential breath awareness, refining the flow of breath, and movement and breath practices to consciously cultivate energy. September 14: Lower body Feet and Legs Dynamic Anatomy and Yoga: Ground Support—We'll apply eastern, western, and somatic models of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to your yoga practice, focusing on the muscles, bones, tissues, and organs of feet, legs, and connections to the pelvis. Learn how to create dynamic alignment through the body to stand and move with stability and ease in relation to earth, gravity and space. September 28: Centering Pelvis and defining "core." We'll focus on the basic anatomy of the spine, ribs, lower back, pelvis and abdominal core muscles using traditional Yoga "core" work and other techniques to develop an awareness of crucial areas of strength and suppleness as suppleness is a KEY element of creating healthy, strong tissues. October 26: Upper Body, finding steadiness and ease as we Open up to life! Develop strength, ease, and spaciousness in the heart and the upper body through chest openers, backbends, side bends, an.asic arm balances. Our anatomical focus will be on the relationships between upper back, chest, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands, including the visceral organs of the heart and lungs. Subtle Anatomy Workshops November 9: Going Inward: Seated forward bends and twists Deepening awareness in hips and pelvis and allowing gravity, earth, and time to support you to open and release deeper layers of tension and stiffness and awaken to a sense of spaciousness in the entire body. Learn how to use props, modifications, and sequencing to open these areas safely. November 23: And Deeper Still: Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga Turning the lens to Yin Yoga, we'll feel into connective tissue including fascia, and explore energetic pathways of the subtle anatomy, using subtle energy models of meridians, nadir, chakras and more as we move towards the relaxation and renewal practices of Restorative Yoga.

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  • Lincoln Community Center, Ash Street, Troy, OH, USA

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