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Yoga is a process that continuously evolves and engages us, offering infinite possibilities for the integration of body, mind and heart. Somatics is a practice of learning more about ourselves and developing our ability to sense, feel and listen to the wisdom of our body. Integrating yoga and somatics offers the opportunity to return again and again in practice to access our sense of whole-being. Through the embodied self we can flow through life with more awareness, ease and kind-heartedness. 

Somatic practices allow us to experience ourselves as life in process. By engaging in the bio-dynamic layers of our "bodies" we discover new pathways for living, loving and being in relationship with ourselves, others and the whole world. Many of these explorations invite you into a new way of remembering ourselves below the surface of our thinking mind.


Image by The Nix Company

Public Yoga and Movement Classes in the Community 

community yoga

Small Group Classes and 1:1 Somatic Movement and Yoga Guidance at The Therapy Collaborative

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