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Movement is the foundation of our explorations into inner connectivity, outer relationship, personal resilience and restoration. 


Our first expression in life is through movement. 

Movement is the language of the body.

Movement is associated with every area of our interactions with the world: our sensations, our emotions, and our thoughts.


As movement represents the continuous process of life, and that even in stillness, there is movement, we will experience movement forms based in yoga, somatics, embryological and human developmental  models through physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual processes. 



Yoga is a journey of the self,

through the self, to the SELF-

The Bhagavad Gita Radiance Sutras

Living and studying yoga has been a passion for more than 20 years. The form and philosophy of yoga have supported and guided me in understanding myself, my relationships, and what it means to be a spiritual human being in this time and place in the world.


Following my natural curiosity, through self-study and learning from others I share from my personal experience. The best teacher is the teacher within and it is my passion to help you find your inner teacher to allow you to learn to trust you own wisdom and clarify your personal truths. I am deeply humbled by all that yoga has brought into my life and bow graciously to my many teachers and guides along the way.

Mary Borton
Mary Borton


"And I said to my body. Softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a long breath. And replied ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.” 

- Nayyirah Waheed


Cultivating whole-body intelligence in relationship to rather than in service of the mind.

Somatics describes various techniques that help people increase bodily awareness through movement, relaxation, sensory and neurological processes. Simply put, it's the body's awareness of itself. 


As modern science and neuroscience have developed in understanding the body-mind as a whole, integrated experience of oneself, somatics offers a pathway of understanding as integrated systems of the whole being. From this understanding the possibility to feel connected and at ease in themselves and with others. 


- more to come!

Women Holding Hands
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