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The Heart of Teaching offers workshops for yoga instructors to continue to grow in their knowledge and expand upon important concepts to refresh their perspectives. As yoga continues to change with time, and your experience as a teacher evolves, these workshops align with current teachings in the world of modern yoga.

Mary Borton is a certified continuing education provider through Yoga Alliance®.



P'somatic Explorations Workshop

February 4, 2023 10:00-12:30

This workshop is for yoga and movement teachers, practitioners and anyone interested in somatic guidance, movement and contextual explorations of the Psoas. The Psoas, a tissue often (mis)understood only as a functional "muscle," acts as a messenger from our "neuro core" (a term coined by modern somatic pioneers), communicating at the deepest level with our mind, nervous system, and heart intelligence. In this workshop, we'll explore sensing, feeling and engaging with this mysterious messenger to unravel and restore healthy, juicy tissue and create a sense of inner resilience and new possibilities for moving with ease.

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Training and Immersion

2023 Education and Training at Woven Yoga- Upper Sandusky, OH

The Yoga Teacher Training experience will shape and form your future. Are you looking to deepen your personal practice? Or do you want to develop the tools to share the practice with others? This 16-week immersion into the philosophy, history, anatomy, and practice of teaching yoga will provide the resources and experiences to give words to the practice of yoga.

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"Mary holds an undeniable space where one has the opportunity to come into fuller realization of oneself. She offers pathways into each individual's unpaved territory with a soft, silky approach that isn't jarring."  

-Mary Sinclair  |   Columbus, Ohio   |

Teaching Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

The Heart of Teaching 200-hour teacher training program is registered with Yoga Alliance. In these 200 hours of study, you will gain knowledge to create personal transformation and learn how to share yoga with others by learning to teach from your own experience. The Heart of Teaching practices a Vinyasa style of yoga, guided by the wisdom of Hatha tradition and influenced by subtle anatomy explorations to equip you to offer a multi-dimensional yoga experience. 

The 200-hour program exceeds the learning objectives established by Yoga Alliance in the categories of The History and Philosophy of Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga, Teaching Techniques and Practice and Teaching Methodology of yoga.

For full program details or to sign up for the next training announcement contact us.

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The Heart of Teaching is a 200 RYT Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.


Interested in one of our teacher trainings or workshops? Reach out to Mary and The Heart of Teaching to bring our programs to you. Call 937.231.1129 or email today!

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