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The Heart of Teaching offers workshops for yoga instructors to continue to grow in their knowledge and expand upon important concepts to refresh their perspectives. As yoga continues to change with time, and your experience as a teacher evolves, these workshops align with current teachings in the world of modern yoga.

Mary Borton is a certified continuing education provider through Yoga Alliance®.

Learning Opportunities 2024

Live Learn Teach Love Grow Share


The Heart of Teaching Education Program

with Mary Borton Movement


Tiered learning platforms for Living, Loving, Learning and Sharing

Live Learn Teach Love Grow Share

The Heart of Teaching Education Program

with Mary Borton Movement


Tiered learning platforms for Living, Loving, Learning and Sharing


Announcing 2 education programs open for enrollment!


Certification Program- Teach/Share 200

Growth Program Learn/Grow 100 

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certification and continuing education program.

Begins in June!


200 Hour RYT Training 2024

Troy, Ohio



This training is based in Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga with a strong influence from the somatic and experiential movement approaches to understanding the body, breath, mind and heart whole being as a living process.

Lead Teacher:Mary Borton, E-RYT 500, The Heart ofTeaching RYS 200


Core Competencies

According toYoga Alliance, all 200-hour trainings should provide trainees with a knowledge base in 12 essential areas:

  • Asana

  • Pranayama &Subtle body

  • Meditation

  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Biomechanics

  • History

  • Philosophy

  • Ethics

  • TeachingMethodology

  • TeachingPracticum

  • ProfessionalDevelopment


Yoga Teacher Training Outcomes

YogaAlliance requires all Registered Yoga Schools to spend hours on specific core competencies. Here’s what that looks like in our teacher training program.  


Techniques, Training, Practice

Asana You’ll earn 80+ basic yoga postures and variations of the Hatha Yoga tradition withan emphasis on the vinyasa style of practicing. Other variations including Yin, Somatic,  and Restorative yoga will be included in your asana training.


Pranayama and Subtle Body

You will learn breathing techniques, including energy regulation and how subtle energies influence your overall physiology.  Learn how breathing is a whole body experience via the major systems: musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, and less-often emphasized fluid, facia, organs, and glandular systems of the body.


Embodied Approach

We use basic human development and embryology as models for class development. With an emphasis on experiential teaching, learn how to effectively guide students through their experience as a sensory exploration.



We’ll discuss historical and foundational elements of meditation and mudra as understood through the 8 limbs of yoga and the yoga sutras. We’ll explore how basic meditation techniques and modern approaches of mindfulness and neuroscience intersect with supportive texts from classical teachings.


Anatomy,Physiology and Biomechanics in yoga

Utilizing an anatomy text created specifically for yoga teachers, we’ll gain the foundation for understanding anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics as it relates to yoga. We will take these concepts into the classroom for hands-on inquiry of how and why yoga postures feel the way they do in the body. Look closely at the anatomical principles that will help you feel postures from the inside out, visualizing muscles, bones, connective tissues and organs at work.


Yoga Humanities

Curious how this ancient practice continues to be relevant in today’s world?  You will learn the basic timeline of yoga’s story with an emphasis on the Hatha period of yoga. We use major yogic texts and variations of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika andThe Upanishads to teach us the traditions of our lineage.



There will be plenty of opportunity to grow in your “love of wisdom” through guided self-reflection and exploration exercises.  You will learn how to integrate the basic wisdom teachings into the way you practice, teach, speak, and live in the world.



Build integrity in your own practice and teaching by studying the guiding ethical principles of the core philosophies of yoga. Commit to the ethical considerations that arrive in today’s world. We will discuss accountability, self-reflection and how to increase equity and diversity in yoga.



Learn how to safely and effectively create, sequence and teach entire classes.Experience how pace, cueing and language affect the overall experience of each class and how to modify to meet your audience and help them grow. Learn how to create a safe, welcoming environment and manage the varied group dynamics that show up for class.


Professional Essentials

Learn about credentialing and certification through Yoga Alliance and how to develop your skills as you progress in teaching. Learn to teach within the boundaries of your expertise and honor a set code of conduct and ethical commitment to maintain the high standards of yoga. Learn about the business ofyoga and how to effectively market your teaching and understand businesselements such as liability, insurance, tax implications and the economics ofyoga.



Feel confidenti n your teaching by practicing your skills under the guidance of a trusted, experienced teacher. Feel supported by mentorship and apprenticing opportunities to hone your skills in class situations and begin teaching on your own.



(subject to change as group assembles)


ENROLLMENT Period May 1-June 1, 2024

Applications due with deposit $250



In person classes required 1-2 per week with Mary or approved instructor. (20-40hrs)

Friday Training Sessions 9am-3pm (short lunch break) (34hrs)

  • June 14,28

  • July 12

  • August 9, 23

*Additional out of class reading and assignments approximately 2-4 hours per week.  


Immersion/Workshop weekends:—Sept- Dec Friday 9-3/Saturday 9-3

  • September 13,14 and 27,28

  • October 4-6* in person in Dayton, Ohio full weekend Fri eve, Sat/Sun-9-5 (12)

  • October 18,19

  • November 8,9 and 22,23

  • December 6,7 graduation  Tentative


*Additional teaching hours scheduled throughout training. You must complete 10 hours of supervised teaching outside of training classes for full certification. (20)

*There will be additional workshops and book groups  throughout the program  to supplement hours.



Application fee: $250

Upon acceptance of your application you will receive additional information, requirements and book list.  


Full 200 RYT program tuition $3000

Payment Options:

Full: Total due June 1,2024 $2750

Split: $1375 due June1 and Sept 1 2024

Payment plan: $460 due June 1, July 1, Aug 1, Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov. 1,2024


Grow/Learn Non-certification options

$1500 full tuition for up to 100 hours of content, workshops, support.

$2500 for full 200-hour content without certification requirements

Plan on investing $100-150 on required texts. Many supplemental texts will be available to borrow from the teachers’or local libraries, but consider building your personal library.


 Your tuition includes:


●     YTT Training Manual


●     OnlineAnatomy curriculum*


●     Up to 5 classes monthly with Mary Borton Movement (registration required)

  • Over 175 in class hours with Lead Teacher


●     Direct access to teacher for support throughout the program



Deposit: refund minus $50 processing fee before June 1,2024

Full payment refund (minus $250 deposit) before June 14, 2024

No refunds will be granted after the start of the course. Exceptions will be made on a case to case basis and under catastrophic circumstances of either student or teacher.


*Previous students of the Woven Yoga Certification programs*

receive your full 200-hour certification in this program.

Reach out for more information and substantially discounted fee

"Mary holds an undeniable space where one has the opportunity to come into fuller realization of oneself. She offers pathways into each individual's unpaved territory with a soft, silky approach that isn't jarring."  

-Mary Sinclair  |   Columbus, Ohio   |

Teaching Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

The Heart of Teaching 200-hour teacher training program is registered with Yoga Alliance. In these 200 hours of study, you will gain knowledge to create personal transformation and learn how to share yoga with others by learning to teach from your own experience. The Heart of Teaching practices a Vinyasa style of yoga, guided by the wisdom of Hatha tradition and influenced by subtle anatomy explorations to equip you to offer a multi-dimensional yoga experience. 

The 200-hour program exceeds the learning objectives established by Yoga Alliance in the categories of The History and Philosophy of Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga, Teaching Techniques and Practice and Teaching Methodology of yoga.

For full program details or to sign up for the next training announcement contact us.

RYS-200-Yoga-Alliance certification
yacep certification

Get certified:


The Heart of Teaching is a 200 RYT Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.


Interested in one of our teacher trainings or workshops? Reach out to Mary and The Heart of Teaching to bring our programs to you. Call 937.231.1129 or email today!

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